A Cinema of Consciousness

Films which depict stories and events that illuminate moral crises, emotional evolution and other intricate nuances of the human spirit.

Peter's approach to filmic storytelling employs probing character studies and a rich visual canvas to create immersive transformational cinematic experiences.

Read an extensive analysis of Peter's Henry V in this new book from the University of Ediburgh press: Screening Shakespeare in the Twenty-First Century

Screening Shakespeare

Also, read Professor Sarah Hatchuel's study of the Babakitis Henry V in this scholarly analysis of the Henry cycle of Shakespeare plays on film: The Henriad

Another Book, Images of War and War of Images features some fascinating thoughts about the Babakitis Henry V.

Coming soon: The Land of Lost Things


A Prior Engagement

A Prior Engagement

Magda was set to marry the man of her choice... Too bad she had A Prior Engagement.

A romantic engagement party, everyone is there to share in Magda's new life with her fiancee- She's trembling with excitement as she sees the ring... Or is she...? 

Henry V

Henry V

King Henry V of England is manipulated by the clergy into invading France to claim the crown; He finds that it is more difficult than he imagines, and must rely on his ability to lead his ragtag army to victory in the face of terrible odds. The most controversial adaptation of Shakespeare's play.



A young woman defies her guardian and her society to seek out a world of spirits in early 20th C northern California. The haphazard journey transformer her and those around her as she enters an altered state of transcendence.

Classic Stories

Classic Stories for Children

Four Classic fairy tales are retold in this Emmy Award-winning all-original musical puppet TV special.